Sonntag, 24. August 2014

Schicksal der Jesiden im Fokus armenischer Politik

“The Armenian President has instructed the Foreign Ministry and heads of diplomatic missions to double their efforts on the international scene. 
The issue will remain in the focus of Yerevan, and the Republic of Armenia will consistently support fraternal Yazidi nation as much as possible,” the statement says.
Armenia will consistently support fraternal Yazidi nation – President’s spokesman

On August 21, the Armenian government passed a resolution to allocate $100 000 in aid to Iraq’s Yazidi population in light of the recent political crisis in the region.
Armenia Allocates $100 000 to Iraq’s Yazidi Population

Chairman of the World Yezidis Union Aziz Tamoyan held a press conference on Tuesday and spoke of the Yezidi genocide being committed in Iraq.
According to him, 1,300,000 Yezidis are living in the north of Iraq.
“The Yezidi villages have barbarously been destroyed, and only hills have remained,” Mr Tamoyan said.
He is calling on the international community and superpowers to deal with the problem.
“They have a program of creating a Kurdistan and they are destroying other peoples – Armenians, Greeks all others living there.”
Sheikh Bro Hasanyan, noted the Yezidis have fallen victim to political and territorial ambitions of a few people. This is a plan by the Iraqi and Turkish presidents.
This is a second genocide against Yezidis, he said.
 Armenian Yezidis call on international community to stop Yazidi genocide in Iraq

"The Armenian parliament vice-chair considered this mass violence against the Yazidi population to be unacceptable. He assured that this matter is at the focus of Armenia President Serzh Sargsyan and the ruling Republican Party, and that Armenia stands ready to assist and support the friendly Yazidi people."
Armenia stands ready to assist Yazidi nation – parliament vice-chair

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